Semente Ourense is mainly supported through militant work and collaboration fees from supporters that, even not in need of our services, believe that we need school education in our own language.


This is the best way to collaborate with the Semente Ourense. Becoming a member means that you support the project economically (from 5€ per month) and you can participate in the meetings with rights of voice and vote.


If you want to do occasional contributions by making a donation in the bank account we have in Caixa Rural Galega:

IBAN: ES91 3070 0043 0163 1665 6625


As the company Dinahosting which is hosting this web page for free; publishing houses and writers which provide us with books; communication media interested in us,  AGAL, which collects Money from its social base, sends material and promotes our activities.


Do you have some spare time? Are you a supportive person? Do you believe in alternative education? Are you a defendant of language? If you have answered affirmatively to any of these questions, we would like to invite you to join our Association as a voluntary worker. It takes a village, and there is a lot of work: improving and cleaning the premises, creating didactical material, helping at fairs and activities, distributing posters and flyers, web designing, etc.