The project was born in 2016 but did not go beyond 2017. In 2021 a group of activists rescued the initial idea of getting a Semente educational center in the city of Ourense.

Semente Ourense aims to be a quality educational project in Galician for the city of Ourense, as in Semente Compostela, Semente Vigo Semente Trasancos, Semente Lugo and Semente Crunha. Why? Because we like what it’s happening there; because we share the same principles: coeducation, secularism, assemblyism, interaction with nature, respect to children’s self-regulation, neighborhood, and city context integration, and in our language.

Semente educational centers are a social non-profits initiative, which intends to set, together with other similar projects, the foundations needed for the creation of the Galician Nacional School.

Their name is taken from the Galician Teaching Schools (Escolas de Ensino Galego) created at the beginning of the XX century by the Irmandades da Fala, promoted by Leandro Carré and Ángelo Casal.